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Welcome back

Posted: 15 Apr 2020. Updated: 19 Apr 2020

What better way to break my 10 year silence than to mark a special milestone.

Behind the scenes

Today I launched version 3 of

If the last post in my blog is anything to go by, this is my first blog post in just under a decade.

Truth be told, this is not actually my first post in 10 years. I was actively blogging on Tumblr when it was up and coming. Now it's the go-to place for indy porn. I had also been posting links of interest, shortened with my own URL shorter service via Twitter - how fancy.

Time for a digital clean out

One fine day, I was having a digital clean out. I un-subscribed from those online services that had gone un-questioned. I deleted domain names that I had been renewing for way to long. I shutdown an old Media Temple hosting account that was full of experiments from the days when I was just starting out (hello Textpattern!).

In my haste to de-clutter, I deleted all the theme assets that powered my Tumblr blog and broke all the custom URL links on my Twitter time line. I really was "moving fast and breaking things".

Taking back control

I've managed to salvage my blog posts from Tumblr from when I was travelling around South East Asia. It feels good that they now live here, on my own website.

From this point forward, I’m going to make a conscious effort to own and produce my own content again, relying less on those third party services we love to hate.

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