Hello. I'm Jon Leverrier, an independent web designer living in Bordeaux, France.


Born and raised on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, I am currently living in sunny Bordeaux, France, with my partner, Lucie and my son, Marcel.

I first connected to the internet on a US Robotics 14k dialup modem and my first website was built using an Acorn 5000.

When I’m away from the studio I can be found walking the streets with my camera, planning my next adventure or stumbling over Lego bricks.

Did you know
Myres Brigg
First Computer
Acorn 5000
Favourite 35mm Film
Fuji Superior 400


I help organisations large and small plan, design, develop and maintain successful digital products.

For the past 15 years, I have worked for agencies, in-house teams and for myself, either on-site or remote.

I am at my happiest when working in a multi-disciplinary role. This means delivering research, planning, design, front-end and CMS development.

Jon is not only an excellent web designer he is a first class usability expert. He was passionate about doing good work and delivering a superior product. He challenged our thinking and got us think about different options/ideas. We have never had this from anyone we have worked with before. Very pleased with the outcome and Jon goes way beyond expectations.

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Oliver Atkinson
CEO, Urban.co.uk

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Thoughts and inspiration from a British web designer living in Bordeaux, France.

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