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Last stop Parvati

Posted: 30 May 2010

Yet another magical over night bus journey from Rishikesh took us up the mountain range, guided so it seemed by the gazing full moon, towards the valley of Parvati.

Image for Parvati

I didn't matter how tired I was, nothing could prevent me from staying up to watch the rapidly changing scenery as we crept along the roads carved out of the mountains.

I knew that my 12 month journey was going to end here. Tired of moving about and in desperate need of some reflection time, I found a cosy homestay and unpacked my bag for the final time.

There is an urban myth about the Parvati valley. Apparently, tourists have vanished whilst trekking, through fields of cannabis, which is cultivated in the area.

Image for Parvati2

Putting that all aside, the valley was a perfect place to trek around the surrounding villages and of course wondering about the lush forests, sweeping valley meadows and hot springs, whilst taking those lovely mountain views.

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