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Weeknote #9

Posted: 21 Jun 2020

Weeknote #9 for the week ending 21st June 2020.

At work

  • A MVP video on-demand system I built went live this week. The feedback so far has been positive. I'm looking forward to improving the system over the coming months
  • It's been nice getting back into some design work after spending weeks wire framing

After work

  • I started to review my font loading strategy. Do I still need Font Face Observer now that we have font-display - I've not reached a conclusion just yet

Links and inspiration

  • Interesting thread from Sam Stephenson on the tech stack used for HEY, which was somewhat overshadowed by their relationship with Apple


  • Macron announced that schools would re-open full time next week and be compulsory to attend - this gives us two weeks before the summer holidays arrive

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