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Weeknote #4

Posted: 17 May 2020

Weeknote #4 for the week ending 17th May 2020.

At work

  • In this current climate, it can be really hard making strategic decisions. Especially when it feels like the landscape is changing from one day to the next.
  • Like a butterfly across a path, I came across a thread by Andy Budd that summarised things perfectly

After work

  • I've been playing with when image transforms happen on my website, making sure that my service worker only caches the final output
  • I researched how best to implement WEBP, which led me to discover I'd been using the GD image library on my production server and not Imagick. I had noticed that the GD generated images looked "dull" in comparison, so it was nice to get to the bottom of the problem

Links and inspiration


  • The week started with the easing of lockdown restrictions here in France
  • It also started with a "once in every 100 years " weather warning. Ironically, we were advised to stay indoors. Thankfully, it was nothing more than rain and wind - something I'm quite used to being British
  • My sons teacher and head teacher have decided not to return to school when it re-opens on the 25th May
  • Because of social distancing and class sizes, "school" would be 2 days out of 5, which would equate to a total of 10 days before the summer holidays arrive
  • Bordeaux Metropole sent us our free washable face masks, which are to be worn on public transportation
  • We headed to Entre Deux Mers for our first family weekend out post lockdown, choosing to travel inland rather than towards the sea

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