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Destination Kuala Lumpor, via Taipei

Posted: 08 Mar 2010

If you are trying to get back to Kuala Lumpor from Osaka, consider stopping over in Taipei.

I found a cheap flight from Kansai International Airport in Japan to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which got me back on to the Air Asia network again.

I was feeling a little lost and lonely after my Japan adventures. I enjoyed, for once, not rushing around, visiting a new location from one week to the next.

In Japan, I moved around less, but got to know some people and places really well.

After landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, I managed to navigate into Taipei City without any problems.

My next mission was trying to find my hostel. Google Maps had taken me to an area of the city I thought felt very built up and not the typical place you would find a hostel.

I decided to jump into a taxi, hoping that the driver would find the hostel for me, even if it was 2-5 minutes away - I knew I was close.

When we drove into another area of the city (that would of taken me 30 minutes by foot), I was surprised how wrong I got the directions.

After 15 minutes of driving, I was starting to get worried. Had I really got the location of the hostel that wrong? Had I walked into a taxi scam?

The taxi driver stopped, asked somebody else for directions and we were on the road again, back towards where we started from.

After our 20 minute adventure together, the taxi driver dropped me off from my original location. It turns out my hostel was on the 22nd floor of the KMall tower block, which is the reason I couldn't see it from the street.

The poor taxi driver was very embarrassed and refused to take any money from me.

Holo Family House was a cheap place to stay, with a great central location. The building was also very earthquake proof, as I didn't feel the aftershocks that hit Taipei recently.

Although I had come to Taipei on a stopover, I left wanting to come back.

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Illustration of Jon Leverrier

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