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Weeknote #7

Posted: 07 Jun 2020

Weeknote #7 for the week ending 7th June 2020.

At work

  • I've been discussing with a client about building a functional prototype, which will develop into a component library of some sorts

After work

  • I did it. I finally removed Google Analytics on my website and setup a self hosted instance of Matomo and do you know what? It feels good
  • It was easier to install and optimise the tracking code than I'd thought. By removing the Google Analytics tracking code I even gained a few points on my Google Page Speed score
  • I prototyped a new “going live” page for good friend Marc Mitchell. It uses a few pre-existing technologies that allowed us to put something together rather quickly

Links and inspiration

  • Grounded podcast series by Louis Theroux
  • Made By Folk talk to one of my favourite designers, Rob Clarke, who talks about building a reputation and type design
  • Glyphs for macOS - a full-fledged font editor with a 30 day free trail


  • We travelled to my in-laws for the weekend which is the furthest we’ve been from our house in over 3 months
  • Feeling grateful to be able to escape city life for the weekend and reconnect with the countryside

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