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Weeknote #5

Posted: 24 May 2020

Weeknote #5 for the week ending 24th May 2020.

At work

  • It has been a rewarding week helping a business transform a physical product into something that can be consumed online
  • It has been hard not to overcomplicate things by thinking too far into the future. The business now has a nice MVP which can be built upon as they gather feedback
  • Note to self - live streaming is not always the solution to “in real life” events

After work

  • I’ve now cleared my backlog of Craft CMS plugin announcements. I posted notes about Breadcrumb, GetFiles and GetAsset in case you missed them
  • I use Breadcrumb to display a reliable breadcrumb trail across different Craft CMS objects
  • I use GetFiles to load certain assets into my Service Worker
  • I use GetAsset to load hashed CSS and JS into my Twig templates
  • I would love to get better at technical writing - it's certainly a hard thing todo well without sounding like a robot
  • I have gone off the idea of supporting WEBP on my personal website. It seems like a lot of overhead to implement. I can make quick gains elsewhere

Links and inspiration

  • I've been too busy this week to spot anything notable, but I did enjoy a link to an article posted by Sara Soueidan on how to deal with grandchild elements in BEM


  • My sons school opens next week. If we send him to school, this means he will go for 1 day a week because of smaller class sizes due to social distancing rules
  • There are 6 weeks until the summer holidays
  • Our region is in the "green" zone in terms of COV-19 deaths/infections and we're still in partial lockdown, not being allowed to travel 100km from our house
  • We've been discussing about sending him back before the summer holidays versus sending him back after the summer holidays in September
  • Will schools still be following social distancing rules in September anyway? Will there be another peak in the autumn?
  • We've not done any home improvements during the lockdown. We've been busy trying to work, rest and be happy parents. However, this week we finally painted an old French Vaisselier - which is another thing ticked off the ever growing house todo list

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