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Weeknote #2

Posted: 02 May 2020

Weeknote #2 for the week ending 3rd May 2020.

At work

  • I have enjoyed working at different ends of the spectrum this week, from wire framing to finding solutions to technical problems - this has kept me focused and refreshed
  • Finally, 2 reams of A4 paper arrived - I managed to print out a few key planning documents which were placed onto the walls of my studio. I've missed having an accessible project wall to glance over. Please note that whatever I do print out has a second life as drawing paper for my son!
  • I decided to start writing case studies as I work through a project. I'm hoping this means the content will be better and the turn around will be faster

After work

  • Learnt more about the Content Security Policy header. I decided to set the header through a module in Craft CMS and not at server level. This means I don't have to keep the policy wide open for the control panel to function. It also dawned on me how complicated nonces and hashing inline content can be
  • Have made a personal rule never to deploy to production after midnight ever again after I spent the twilight hours fixing a personal project

Links and inspiration


  • I channeled my inner Videl Sassoon and plucked up the courage to cut my sons hair, armed with a pair of kitchen scissors
  • The French Government announced easing of the lockdown restrictions. From the 11th May we'll be able to roam within 100km of our house without having to sign an "attestation" form. Information about the schools going back still remain very vague
  • Have been thinking about the possibility of British Airways closing its Gatwick hub and what impact that might have on our little anglo-french family

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