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Weeknote #11

Posted: 05 Jul 2020

Weeknote #11 for the week ending 5th July 2020.

At work

  • After 2 weeks of designing, I finished the key screens for an onboarding project. I'm now looking at the best way to develop a HTML prototype, whilst producing isolated HTML/CSS/JS components that are developer friendly
  • I researched style guide tools (Storybook, Pattern Lab and Fractal)
  • I settled on Fractal, which is a tool that helps develop powerful component libraries and styleguides that fit the way you work
  • I also considered building my own tool
  • My MVP video on demand service had it's 5th and final event launch. I now have some time over the summer months to make improvements before new events launch in September

After work

  • I setup a new computer this week
  • Setup went very smoothly, however I struggled to migrate my local development environment which is running on Vagrant / Homestead. I ended up migrating each project manually rather than exporting the entire virtual machine
  • I decided to become more prudent with Dropbox to prevent my hard drive filling up in a matter of seconds. I'm now selectively syncing certain folders
  • I managed to actually animate something in After Effects. It reminded me of the first time I animated something in Flash - I guess you got to start somewhere...
  • It's nice knowing that once you've rendered your video, It's final. You don't have to worry about cross platform browser issues for a change

Links and inspiration


  • My mum arrived for a post lockdown holiday - it's been magical watching my mum and son re-connect
  • We went to Hostens over the weekend to visit the lake and have a little swim. I was surprised (not surprised) to see the place so busy with little social distancing going on - it truly is going to be a summer to remember

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Sponsorship and charity

Last night I was telling my partner about the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

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