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Weeknote #1

Posted: 25 Apr 2020

My first weeknotes for the week ending 26th April 2020.

At work

  • I'm now 2 weeks into a new and exciting project for an onboarding platform. It's been inspiring working with such a multifaceted team
  • I had the pleasure of catching up with Koji and Asako from Geneto, Japan. It's always nice to have a different point of view on things

After work

  • I've been playing around with RTSP servers this week. I'm trying to find a solution that allows a broadcaster to stream to a social network but allows you to embed the stream on to your own website. Initial tests with Ant Media Server looked promising, and so did the RTSP module for NGINX. The downside to "rolling your own" is the un-known bandwidth costs and server maintenance. It feels like the streaming wars have definitely begun
  • I've been continuing to make small and little improvements to my website. I decided to move all the images back onto Amazon S3 and Cloudfront again. Having to sync them into dev, staging and production each time quickly became tiresome

Links and inspiration


  • It has been "half term" in lockdown land - don't ask me what the difference is...
  • I'm still working in the mornings, looking after my son in the afternoons and catching up with the rest of my day in the evenings. This could all change again come May as the French Government ease lockdown restrictions

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