Vidmeup is an online platform that gives you the ability to create your own video site and share your own unbranded videos.

When we needed an experienced digital product development professional to get the project rolling, we turned to Jon. We needed someone with a great understanding of user experience, state of the art knowledge in online video consumption and strong project management skills. Jon did a great job of delivering the high quality project assets we needed to brief our design and development team. I’d recommend him to anyone needing incisive and highly professional input to an innovative online product.

Matthew Robins, Director,


I worked closely with directors of this startup to translate their business plan and commerical goals in to a set of blueprints that could be understood by their inhouse design and development team.

The research document I supplied translated their business plan in to a commercial and tiered feature list, provided customer segmentation insights, tone of voice, sitemaps and detailed wireframes outlining all aspects on the system.

  • Project completed: 2nd August 2010
  • Skills used: Strategy, IA, Wireframing
  • Status:
  • Credits: Hive Creative